Mustang ll Wilwood 2" Dropped Spindles (2) w/steering arm

Mustang ll Wilwood 2" Dropped Spindles (2) w/steering arm
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  • Item #: WIL830-9802x2
Mustang ll Wilwood 2" Dropped Spindle with steering arm ..... THIS IS FOR ONE PAIR ... 2 spindles and 2 steering arms .... ENOUGH FOR ONE COMPLETE CAR ! ........ PRO SPINDLE Forged ... RH and LH spindle are identical ...since Wilwood engineers designed BOLT ON STEERING ARMS ... Steering arms can be INVERTED to complement your tie rod geometry to minimize BUMP STEER at time of installation ! ............. Engineering also corrected the SHORT SPINDLE issue that other brands of Mustang ll spindles simply repeated when they copy the originals ... WILWOODS NEW DESIGN Mustang ll spindles are approximately 1/2" taller that OEM DESIGNS which effectively RAISES the ROLL CENTER for IMPROVED handling !............Wilwoods FORGED STEEL SPINDLES are nearly 300% STRONGER than the OEM Ford Spindles !..........DO not compare to the CAST IRON or CAST STEEL (((CHEAPIE ))) spindles that are two for $ 139 ! When a LOW COST appears to be TOO GOOD to be true ...It is EXACTLY THAT ! Why compromise QUALITY and SAFTEY of your expensive street rod or race car with low cost CAST SPINDLES made in China ?
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